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Kangana Ranaut shares video of Karan Johar saying he can manipulate box office verdict, here’s the truth – GooPdf News

Kangana Ranaut shares video of Karan Johar saying he can manipulate box office verdict, here’s the truth – GooPdf News

Kangana Ranaut shared a video on her Twitter handle that shows Karan Johar talking about the manipulation of box office verdict, and how it altered or seeded by PRs. But is the video genuine, or unedited? Here’s the truth.

Kangana Ranaut continues her rant against filmmaker Karan Johar and shared a video where it looked like as if the filmmaker is discussing he can manipulate box office collections, and how a movie’s verdict can be altered or seeded with the help of PRs. Sharing an edited video, Kangana wrote, on Twitter, “Dhanya hai aap Karan Johar ji. Bhagvan iss film industry ko aapse bachaye.” 

Here’s the tweet

The truth behind the video

Well, Kangana has shared an edited clip from an event. What Karan was actually saying is smartly deleted from the video. The clip is originally from an event, where Karan Johar was discussing his autobiography. The event named The Hindu Lit for Life 2018: An Unsuitable Boy was a one-hour event hosted by critic Baradwaj Rangan. The video Kangana shared displays that Karan is talking about the manipulation that took place in the movie business. Whereas, in reality, Karan was not discussing box office verdicts, but about the reception for books.

In the discussion, an audience member asked Karan if like a filmmaker, who fears failure at the box office, does he had any doubt about his autobiography- An Unsuitable Boy, facing rejection from the audience. Karan disagreed and said, “What happens na that when you make movies, those numbers hit you, and they give you tags also- semi-hit, average, above-average, super-hit, blockbusters. Who’s to know whether Penguin (book publisher) will call it a semi-hit or blockbuster? Those tags don’t come (here) so I don’t fear it.” 

He further added, “That’s why digital shows are great, you don’t know (whether it’s a hit or a flop). I can tell you that it’s the biggest show on the digital platform, but I can by lying also, you don’t even know how to check it. But unfortunately for the box office, we can’t lie about (collections). Because we have major box office policing that happens. So that’s why I don’t the failure of the book at all because I knew that even if it didn’t do well, in PR, I can easily communicate that it has done very well.” 

Karan clearly said that box office collections can’t be altered, as there is heavy policing about it. But what Kangana shared framed as if he was talking about the manipulation that happens in the movie business. On the work front, Karan’s latest directorial Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani has garnered positive responses from critics and the masses. 

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