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Karanvir Bohra Says ‘I Am Not Sorry’, Reacts To Soundous Moufakir’s ‘Objectification’ Allegations – GooPdf News

Karanvir Bohra Says ‘I Am Not Sorry’, Reacts To Soundous Moufakir’s ‘Objectification’ Allegations – GooPdf News

A massive war of words has erupted between television actor Karanvir Bohra and Soundous Moufakir. It all started after the Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 contestant accused Bohra of ‘objectifying’ her during a recent award show. Following this, Karanvir also issued a video statement reacting to her allegations. Here’s everything about the controversy you need to know:

What happened at a recent award show?

Soundous Moufakir attended an award show recently when she was also honoured. As the actress spoke in Hindi, the host mentioned that she deserves an award for that too. With regard to the same, the host asked Karanvir Bohra, “Doesn’t she?” However, Bohra replied saying, “You take this award”. This irked Soundous following which she also said, “Aise kaise baat kar rahe hai.”

What allegations Soundous Moufakir levelled against Karanvir Bohra?

After the incident, Soundous Moufakir took to her Instagram stories and penned down a long note. She slammed Karanvir Bohra and accused him of ‘objectifying’ her. “This is a common objectification faced by multiple women inside this industry and outside, all over the world. So let me just say this – l’m not an award, I’m not a trophy, I’m not SOMETHING you can just joke about taking home. The way men are always ready to demean a woman’s achievements and their proud moments by passing sexist, misogynistic comments disgusts me and I wonder when this will stop,” she wrote.

Soundous Moufakir’s Instagram story.

In another video that Soundous shared on her Instagram stories, she expressed disappointment with the remark and said, “I am not an award or a trophy. I hope others can speak about such things, if it happens to you.”

Karanvir Bohra reacts to Soundous’ allegations

Reacting to the allegations, Karanvir also took to his Instagram stories and shared a video statement. He clarified that his comment was not regarding her and therefore went on to say that he is ‘not sorry’ about it. “The idea was it was sarcasm that don’t flirt with her on stage. Then he said, ‘Arre main isko ghar le jau?’ So that was his comment. So if she felt bad, she should have felt bad about his statement. I never told her,” he said.

“When something like this would happen, I would genuinely say sorry. Naturally, if anyone is hurt because of my statement, it is my responsibility to take onus of it and apologise and clear the matter. But in this case, I am really sorry but I am not sorry because I didn’t say anything to you. The host objectified you. So you misunderstood that and yes, your Hindi is not that clear and you don’t understand it clearly, so you need to learn Hindi. So if you want to make it another post or story, please make it for the host. Thank you very much, may God bless you,” the actor concluded.

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