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ETimes Troll Slayer: Calling Anushka Sharma ‘evil’ is the hate that the internet needs to cancel right away!

ETimes Troll Slayer: Calling Anushka Sharma ‘evil’ is the hate that the internet needs to cancel right away!

Anushka Sharma’s pictures from an old photoshoot have resurfaced on the internet, courtesy anonymous trolls. Her clicks with husband Virat Kohli were shared on Reddit, and users are busy passing harsh takes on her alleged botox use.

ETimes condemns such trolling, especially when the internet takes pleasure in digging up old tales! Take a look at some of the jabs Anushka faced and our response to them.

“Seems like another cut under the knife or just a regular evil faced middle aged woman has now fully formed.”


That’s such harsh use of language, let us not forget that everyone is going to get older and be middle-aged. Calling an actress of Anushka’s stature evil, just by the looks of a picture, is taking unnecessary criticism way too far. Thankfully, she will continue to shine, regardless if your ignorance and hate.
“She looks like thingy from vampire diaries mixed with deepika padukone”


Loathing two actresses with one comment is a fault-finding skill that only trolls like yourself are equipped with. Take your concoctions elsewhere and let the ladies be.
“Irony was that bombay velvet flopped hard leading the surgery to waste. Besides who thought fish lips would be suitable for a period film. Literally every actress has a bloated face nowadays. Even really pretty actresses like chitrangada, sushmita and preity went under the knife for no reason and look really bloated akin to an allergic reaction”


How easy is it to make such unwarranted conjecture about a celebrity’s personal life from behind an anonymous garb? Allow us to remind you that Anushka had admitted to using ‘lip enhancing tool’ and ‘make-up techniques’, which resulted in her lips looking a certain way in Bombay Velvet. Conveniently ignoring this for the sake of trolling is just the kind of hate that the internet needs to cancel.

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