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The Rock Has Theories on Why ‘Black Adam’ Isn’t Continuing – GooPdf News

The Rock Has Theories on Why ‘Black Adam’ Isn’t Continuing – GooPdf News

It’s the hard-Rock life for Dwayne Johnson. During a recent appearance on Kevin Hart’s Hart to Heart show, the Rock was asked why Black Adam isn’t getting a sequel. Based on his reaction, he’s still not over the decision. But he does have some theories about why his superhero character won’t be included in the DC Universe (or phase one of it, at least). In his eyes, his movie got caught up in a “vortex of new leadership.” After all, Johnson claims that he crunched the numbers. So not only does he take issue with the idea that his movie flopped, he thinks it actually succeeded in a lot of different ways. “Like, wait a second,” Johnson said. “You had the biggest opening of your career. Sure, no China. That could have been maybe $100 million, maybe $200 million more dollars. You’re establishing a new superhero, you wanna grow out the franchise. You bring back Superman and Henry Cavill, the world went crazy. And also, too […] we created a diverse superhero portfolio.” Why, then, did James Gunn tell Johnson that his character wasn’t going to be in the first chapter of the DC Universe? Obviously, Johnson has a theory that suggests that the choice not to continue Black Adam really has nothing to do with Black Adam at all. “It’s like new ownership coming in and buying an NFL team going, alright. Not my head coach. Not my quarterback,” he said. “Doesn’t matter how many times we won the Super Bowl. Doesn’t matter how many rings we got. I’m going with somebody else.”

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